Fish As Friends

by The Sacred Broncos

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    This is a handprinted silkscreen of Jinx And The Back Alley Cat's album Fish As Friends. Each CD was hand numbered and comes in either green, black, or orange.

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released January 9, 2010

Brian Jenkins: voice, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, organ, thunder, percussion
Derek Mauger: voice, electric guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar
Michael Jenkins: bass guitar, singing saw, acoustic guitar, keys
Tom Childers: drums, organ, percussion

Danisha Jenkins: voice
Tyler Ambriole: upright bass, backing vocals
Michael Burns: trombone
Purvis Rainwater: theremin

Produced by Jinx and The Back Alley Cats
Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7 recorded at Mega-Station Studios
Engineered by T.J. Walstrom and Mike Hart
Tracks 4,8,9 recorded at The Ensomberoom
Engineered by Geoff Montgomery
Mastered by T.J. Walstrom and Mike Hart at Mega-Station Studios
All songs written by Jinx and The Back Alley Cats

Cover design and silkscreen by The Pension Grillparzer Design
Distributed by Riot House Records

Special thanks to Tyler and KIE, T.J., Mike, Geoff, Sully and our familys



all rights reserved


The Sacred Broncos Indiana

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Track Name: Twin Bed
You think I'm blind.
What’s your story?
And thats ok.
I’m sensing conflict.
Cause you'd take my eyes.
And leave me sightless.
And you'd throw them away.

My heart aches.
I’m blue and lonely.
To feel the way.
I’m feeling hopeless.
The way that you feel.
I see you crying.
When you slip slide away.

Give me something.
I’m not a prophet.
To eat the pain.
I could have called this.
The pain of watching.
Your just a phoney.
You floating away

My hands are tied.
With your head down.
To the seat of my chair.
You don’t listen.
You'll run me around.
I heard you lying.
You always knew I cared.
Track Name: Animals
I awoke in a smoke filled room still humming from the night before.
To find a girl in my bed,
with me as I said,
with all our clothes on the floor.
Well it came as a surprise to find such a lovely demise laying there at my side.
And I could have died that night until she turned out the light and danced on.

We live like animals,
we bark and scratch and cry.
Our days are numbered and we’re sure they’ll probably end soon.
But only Lord knows why.
No better way to die.

It was all a dream as it would seem that nearly everything was all gone in a flash. When I realized that she’d left I felt like a bereft who had lost one in a crash.
It was all my fault that day she went on her way and never seem to look back.
It all came to a halt, I don’t know but I lost control and that’s all.
Track Name: Bo Peep
When I dream I hear you talking in my sleep.
It's the kind of talk that makes me wanna kick and scream.
Well she's my only heart ache she's my pie and the sky
and there's nothing I can say when I'm in her thighs.
Cause she's my little Bo Peep and she's talking in my sleep.

Well shake it.

When I dream I hear you living in my head.
You know I'll always love you till the very end.
Well she's my only heartache she's my pie and the sky and there's nothing I can say when I'm in her thighs
Track Name: Dry and Strung
Woke up in the morning both dry and strung.
Hurts my head to look out at the sun.
Said, son go out and get a job.
But Pa I already hate the one I got.

Got the whole world looking down on me.
Old man's respect aint free.
Now it burns when I pee.
Fuck be all that you cannot be.

Took a shot and passed out an hour later.
Dreamt I was the son of Darth Vader.
Said, son go out and get a job.
But Pa I'll be a Jedi if I want.
Track Name: Way I Am
Hey dead ends,
I’m tired of taking them.
And its true life happens.
Mistakes I will not make again.

I know I’m bound by my fate.
Reliving these lies that I’ve made.
That’s just the way I am.
That’s just the way I am.

All the shots,
I don’t remember taking
with all the friends
I can’t remember making at all.

I learned something
don’t bring a knife to a gun fight
‘cause they’ll send you running.
You must protect your life they say.

That’s just the way I am.
Track Name: Machine Wing
Lying here on the broken floor
questioning my right to die,
my right to fight.
Flying high on a machine wing
a lead bullet's gonna make me sing tonight.
And so I give my life.

I see an empty road.
It pours outside.
Lord wheel me out, on your side.

Lay down my empty arms,
lay them down in the mud tonight.
This is my last right.
Close my eyes and breathe in deep.
Still got time to sleep tonight
so I give my life.

Lying here on the cold damp floor
learning what religion’s for, abide.
I will abide.
Flying high on an angels wing
brass bells gonna make me sing tonight.
And so I give my life.
Track Name: Jeffrey
Rape my body you can grind my bones.
Shoot me back to the stars of my home.
Bleed the law cause it serves nobody.
Strut on over let me touch your body.

I've been dyin since I heard the earth shake.
Back and forth in my mind just to watch it break.
I've been dyin since I heard the earth shake.
I've been dyin…

Rape my body you can grind my bones.
Bury me deep beneath a bed of stones.
Cut my flesh just to watch me bleed.
Through my veins is where you'll plant that seed.

And I love that the way you shake those hips draws me in a minute closer as you lick your lips.
And I love that the way you pull your hair makes my fingers grab my flesh as I rip and tear.
And I love that the sun will never shine until our bodies come together with this holy crime.
And I love that the way you haunt me now makes my hands and my body represent this vow.
Track Name: Fish As Friends
If one day I went swimming out to sea,
would you send a lifeboat out to rescue me?
Or would you leave me all out there to sink?
I’d have all the time in the world just to float and think.

To all my friends:
I’ve loved you all so much,
it’s my fault for getting out of touch.
To the girl I let break my heart:
It’s not my fault things fell apart.

Maybe the mermaids will let me stay,
I won’t impose, I’ll rest up and be on my way.
I bet its cold on the ocean floor
but with fish as friends, oh who could ask for more?
Track Name: Line In The Sand
I look the the sky with my head held high
and I pray through my front teeth.
And I dont know but I've been told that the man don’t work for free. You up there with the bright red hair
why don’t you quit your raining on me.
I've done my share but it can't be fair you wont stop pounding on me.

You can't stop us.
The word is dying
and we're all going to Hell.

A week has gone by and I sure have tried
to role back my dirty sleeves.
I've found my comfort in the simplest form so please take pity on me. And you up there with the awful stare
will you ever answer me?
I plead my case the sentence was fair will you shine on me.